About us

Arabian Aluminium Products Co (ARAPCO) is a full-fledged supplier for Aluminium & Glass Fabrication Industries, established in 1991, equipped with latest machines technology, highest material and quality control certificates to meet the ever increasing requirements from the aluminium and construction industry.experienced engineers.

ARAPCO having a wide range of products and facilities under one roof.

      - Polyester Powder Coating and Super durable.
      - PVDF (Kynar) Coating
      - Wood and Marble finish on Aluminium
      - Traders for Aluminium Architectural Profiles
      - Annealed Glass
      - Tempered & Heat Stregthened Glass
      - Insulated Double Glazing Glasses- Standard & Stuctural bonding Glas Units
      - Laminated colored and clear Glass, Bullet proof, Blast resistant and Anti bandit.
      - Designed engraving glass, Sand Blast and Georgian Bar.
      - Frameless Glass, facades and Partitions.